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Therby Horse Race

Therby™ is an acronym that has been created to represent the Thursday before the Derby.

What is the difference between Thurby and Therby?  Well, one word has the letter "u" and the other the letter "e".  That is the first obvious difference.  Besides that, one is primarily regarding activities that take place on the Thursday prior to the Kentucky Derby.  The other is relevant to the Thursday prior to "any" derby.

Therby - Thursday prior to any derby.

Thurby - Thursday prior to the Kentucky Derby.

The word Thurby (with a "u") has been adopted by locals in and around Louisville, Kentucky to describe the unofficial events that take place in and around Churchill Downs on the Thursday prior to the Kentucky Derby.  Locals fondly refer to that day as Thurby (with a "u").

Therby (with a "e") is a town wide, state wide, national, or international event or celebration relevant to horse racing and or other special events & activities that take place on or around the Thursday prior to any derby. 

A derby is any of several horse races held annually and usually restricted to three-year-olds. 

Interesting fact: The first horse race called a Derby was named after an English nobleman named Edward Stanley, the Earl of Derby (1752-1834). The Earl of Derby instituted the race in 1780, and it continues to be run to the present day in England on the first Wednesday in June.

Note: Churchill Downs, Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, the “twin spires design”, and Churchill Downs Incorporated related trademarks are registered trademarks of Churchill Downs Incorporated.  This Therby website is NOT associated with Churchill Downs.  We are simply fans.

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